Great Plains Holdings

GP_LogoGreat Plains Holdings operates Ashland Holdings, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary that focuses on the real estate sector and also seeks opportunistic acquisitions in varying industries. This diversification model enables Great Plains to achieve multiple revenue streams and consistently increase hard assets and value.

Ashland Holdings, LLC is engaged in the acquisition and operation of commercial real estate, including, but not limited to, self-storage facilities, apartment buildings, manufactured housing communities for senior citizens, and other income-producing properties and investments. The subsidiary’s current portfolio can be seen here.

Great Plains also intends to purchase or invest into privately owned profitable businesses owned by baby boomers looking to retire or expand operations. As the company continues to execute its expansion strategy and add additional subsidiaries, all potential purchases will be reviewed by management to ensure they meet very stringent requirements.

Great Plains Holdings was founded in 1999 as LILM, Inc., the name was changed to Great Plains Holdings, Inc on December 3rd 2013 to better reflect the direction of the company.